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Our Team

With encouragement, acceptance and knowledge, our instructors facilitate yoga from many backgrounds, truly making us an Interdisciplinary studio. We aim to empower and unlock the teacher within. All iLa Yoga instructors are certified with either their 200, or 500 hour certification, recognized by the yoga alliance.

Bridget Shae

My practice takes me to the earth, the mat, around the world, and guides me to my truest, most vulnerable self. Yoga encourages me to be strong, positive, kind, and caring. The mat grounds me, provoking me to acknowledge the love that resounds within me - and to SHARE that love, that gratitude, with all my students at iLa.

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Dakota Shae

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are undeniable.  Years of practice, and self-study have led me to my love of yoga, and my openness to the world I encounter daily. Come to your mat, set your expectations aside, and enjoy the effects this energetic, calming and refreshing practice will have on your life, and the world.

Chenae Stump
YTT Coordinator

 Since yoga discovered me in 2003, my life’s path has lead me to the relevance of yogic philosophy & the breath which is explored every day at iLa. With my administrative experience & personal enjoyment for serving a business I believe in, I am delighted to be in a position of support to iLa teachers & students.

Micha Larson-Brannon
Front Desk

I stumbled into yoga as a teenager and have sought it out ever since. Yoga is my happy place and my quiet space. No matter where I am; my mat is always home. I am so grateful to be here and support our students and teachers

Mandy Clark

My yoga practice has become a lifeline. It teaches me to be present, connected, and whole. Through these beautiful movements, the necessity of stillness, and the power of our breath, all things become possible. As a teacher, holding space and sharing in this practice with others is a gift and an honor.

Dianne McCammon

I began practicing yoga my early 30’s, and found my path to sharing yoga to others in my 50’s. With a focus on making yoga accessible and enjoyable to everyone; student safety and comfort are my highest priorities. I feel strongly that the yoga postures should fit the individual student rather that requiring a student to fit the posture.

Hilary Mann

I am a lover of yoga!  I have found self expression through creative movements and have learned the importance of structure and balance, both on and off my mat.   I hope to share the amazing gifts of self love and acceptance that I have experienced in my own practice with all my students.

Marion Lodato

I have been an ardent student and practitioner of Eastern Medicine since 2001. My personal journey and continued studies throughout the years developed my love for meditation and a passion for yoga. All of these sciences are joined and weaved into my style and perspective. My teaching strengthens the body, develops dharna and empowers the higher self in each student.

Pearl Montgomery

To me, yoga is the path to discovering the self through experience and observation by allowing space free from judgment and open to inquiry. The beauty of yoga is that it cultivates  an awareness that is present on the mat as well as off the mat. I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to hold space for others to explore their practice.

Rob Arnold

The world fascinates me”. Ever since I was a child I have seeked out passions that shed light on this marvelous life and wanted to know how far that magic goes. Since 2006, yoga has been the key tool that ties together all that I have learned and experienced. I hope to share this joy and warm your light through our practice together.

Taylor Sweigard

Yoga is always just as I need. It teaches me to let go, to breathe, to believe in my strength and to love the body that carries me. As a teacher, holding space for each individual so that their yoga can be just as they need, is pure joy.

Madeleine Bong

Yoga is more than a practice. It’s a space where I feel safe, where all barriers melt and all can find homage. Through a trauma informed lens, this spiritual movement allows me to be the untouched me while cultivating space for others to return to their own unique self.

Caroline Hinchliff

My yoga practice helps me stay rooted in my connection to nature. When I focus on the cycle of my breath moving in and out of my body, I’m reminded of all the ways nature works cyclically: the daily sun cycle, the monthly moon cycle, the Earth’s seasonal cycle, and the cycle of life overall. I’m reminded that each new breath is a new beginning and another opportunity to let go, trusting nature to work its magic.

Lauren Head

There is no “right” way to practice yoga, and I love that. It simply invites us to move, breathe, sit and feel. To weave more peace, awareness and community into our lives. To live with intention and harmony as best we can, and at the end of each day, let it all go. It is a privilege to share this gift of yoga in all its forms. I invite you to come practice with me! Just as you are.

John Smith

I received my 200-hour certification and later, my 500-hour certification at Western Yoga College. I studied Restorative yoga with G.L. Gray in 2003 and have been teaching Restorative, Hatha, and Yin yoga classes since my studies then. I enjoy being outdoors and spend my time hiking and adventuring.

Gabbie Sequiera
Costa Rica

My yoga has been part of a journey on my new path: spiritually, physically, and mentally. I see my teaching as the guide of information and transmission so that my students have their own, unique experience. Proper alignment and breathing deeply allows us to flow like a butterfly in the magical jungles of Nosara. Por fa: Engage your ChuleBandha!!

Madison Cook
Costa Rica

My yoga practice began from a desire to heal a physical injury years ago. I quickly found the practice to be much more than physical. As I dug deeper, I was inspired by many of my teachers to continue learning both on and off the mat. Breath work has been an instrumental piece of my study. My passion for sharing this movement medicine comes from a place of love and desire for wellness for all. 

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