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Yoga Alliance Teacher

Training Programs

Professional, certified 200-hour programs

in the US and Costa Rica

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Our immersive programs are designed to empower your experience in life. Whether you are joining us at our studio in Washington State, at the Bodhi Tree Resort in Costa Rica, or at another location around the world, we aim to do far more than teach you yoga. Our vision is to develop your body and mind by creating a deeper connection with yourself, providing you with traditional yogic practices along with modern adaptations so that you can best care for your physiological, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. 

We're less interested in how things look, and more about how things feel. Less interested in a cookie cutter program for your practice, and more interested in a customized approach based off your anatomy and somatic life experience.  Science shows that while we're all very similar in our humanness, on a micro level we're actually quite different. Our program provides a look into traditional yogic practices while using a modern understanding of the body and mind to curate the healthiest body and mind possible for your unique self

Step into the inquiry of who you are and embrace the journey of teaching yoga in an empowering and accepting circle. Create lifelong memories and friendships through intentional and meaningful conversation as we support one another on our paths. Carve out time for yourself to grow, to learn and to care for the parts of you that need it most.
Our three and four week programs carve out enough time to truly drop into the experience. By stepping out of the go-go-go world you're enabling access to deeper parts of yourself that are often hidden by the mental chatter we experience daily. Step into the opportunity with us; learn, connect, and access your truest potential. 

This is an inquiry based educational program designed to give you a foundational understanding of yoga. With your experience as your teacher we'll teach you to approach yoga as an inquiry based life practice rather than a regimented physical routine. You will learn how to teach yoga to others of all skill levels, and be required to teach poses to your peers throughout the training, culminating in a final practice teach.





"a truly inspirational yoga teacher training supported by excellent structure, content, and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend their school to anyone who wants to teach authentic, inspiring, technically advanced yoga."


—  Lucy P. (United Kingdom)

Upcoming Trainings


Nosara, CR

March 16th-April 6th, 2024

*3 rooms left


Nosara, CR

November 2nd - 23rd, 2024

21 Days





Finding and sharing your unique yoga style requires tapping into the innate teacher within. Our program delivers the tools to access that truth by laying the foundation of a technically sound practice, layered with the invaluable ability to uncover your own inner wisdom.

Join us in taking an in-depth look into inquiry-based movement application through the practice of yoga. Our program is accessible to all levels of practitioners.  This training empowers each student to find their yoga, creates a safe and welcoming space to learn, and delivers comprehensive knowledge and tools needed to begin the journey into teaching.

Course Curriculum

alignment + modifications

Learn foundational alignment and prop modifications for traditional hatha yoga postures, including cueing and sequencing.


hands on assists

Learn the difference between an adjustment and an assist, and how to incorporate them into practice and teachings.



Develop the skills and confidence to teach. We'll empower your teaching through an easeful progression throughout the program.


8 limbs of yoga

Overview of Patanjali's classification of Yama's, Niyama's, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.


yoga sutras

Philosophical introduction of the yoga sutras written by Patanjali on the theory and practice of yoga. 


chakras + somatics

Dive deeper into the connection between the practice of yoga and the integration of how it relates to the the human body.

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Additional Curriculum

In addition to our core teachings, this training also covers yogic elements designed to enhance and empower you and/or your teachings as your lifelong journey through this practice unfolds. Some elements covered include: meditation, flow of the breath and body through vinyasa, relaxation techniques, class sequencing, chanting, business of yoga, communication techniques, koshas, somatic exploration and more.

This program also provides a deeper dive into pranayama and respiratory anatomy both through traditional yogic techniques as well as modern functional breathing practices with Dakota who is a respiratory specialist and certified Oxygen Advantage instructor. 

Our Program



About Our Trainings


Since 2008 we've developed yoga education programs designed to let your experience be the teacher. With modules contributed by professionals in their respective fields, we provide a solid foundation for learning in a non-authoritarian environment.


Morning practice, mid-day lectures, practical application, evening discussion, self study, meditation, small group presentations, and peer teaching sessions bring a cohesive and intentional structure and flow to the program. 


Our aim is to empower your inner wisdom so that you can share your unique yoga with the world. This approach provides you with the ability to do more than a memorize cues in a standardized flow, rather, it supports your ability to teach from a place of inner truth and wisdom. And let's face it, the world needs more of that!


Training Staff


Bridget Shae

program director

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An innovator in the field of inquiry-based learning, Bridget is a leader in encouraging students to find their truth through the practice of yoga. Bridget co-founded iLa Yoga™ in 2012 and is the Director of iLa Yoga™ and Bodhi Tree Yoga Schools, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. 


Bridget has been a student of the practice since 2003, and began teaching in 2008 having studied with world renowned teachers, she has over spent over 1000 hours training in yoga, meditation and qi gong. Bridget teaches a diverse array of practices, and shares her knowledge as an expansive approach to healing. Her studies and commitment to the practice have led to original inspirations, methods, and practices, delivering students with the ability to tap into their inner wisdom and find their own path through this ancient practice. Bridget has taught thousands of students from around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Central America, South America, and North America.


Her classes invite you to step more fully into yourself with careful consideration. Infusing the energy of yoga with understanding the intelligence of prana and awareness, her teachings help to bring clarity and a heightened sense of purpose to your life.

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Dakota Shae
program instructor

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With a focus on practical application, Dakota’s teachings center around a whole system approach to achieving optimal health and wellness.  Dakota co-founded iLa Yoga™ in 2012 and is the Assistant Director of iLa Yoga™ and Bodhi Tree Yoga Schools. 


Dakota’s launch into the vast domain of yoga began in 2006 stemming from an interest in exploring peak physical performance. As a lifelong athlete, he found undeniable physical benefits from a regular practice that, over the years, has evolved into a daily discovery of what is needed to live a happy, healthy life. In addition to his yoga education, Dakota is a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor and incorporates breath training and respiratory anatomy, into his teachings. From this approach, Dakota uses the practice of yoga as the main vehicle to awareness in discovering what practices are most beneficial on any given day. His teachings offer the opportunity to bring about radical self-care and change through the practice of awareness and consistent practices.


A calm, yet passionate demeanor, contribute to the vibrant and inspiring teacher that he is. Dakota cares deeply about equipping each of his students with the tools they need most to live their best life.

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