I have never been stand up paddling before, will I fall in?
There is always a chance of falling in, embrace it! By challenging yourself in new environment, you will gain strength, balance, and new experiences.  We do offer "Intro to SUP" Private Sessons at iLa and it is recommended before joining class especially if it is your first time on a board.

What level of yoga class will be taking place on the water?
One of the great things about yoga is that each person’s experience is different.  Your instructor will provide an ALL LEVELS flow class, complete with modifications and adjustments to suit your practice. If at any time you would like to rest, feel free…this is YOUR practice!

How will we stay together in moving water?
Our classes are anchored, meaning students will be stationary and normally facing the instructor. Occasionally classes will be free floating adding another element of challenge to your practice.

Do I need to be able to swim?
YES! SUP Yoga takes place on a moving body of water, there is a chance you could fall in.  Although we do provide life jackets, the ability to swim is a requirement.  If you can't swim, we can schedule a tethered, private class in shallow water for your safety.

Do I need to pre-register for class?
YES. All classes, tours and lessons are by appointment only.

Do you provide boards or do we need to bring our own?
iLa is stoked to provide BOGA YOGA Paddleboards for class. These boards are specifically designed for yoga on the water.
Included with your class are:

· BOGA YOGA Stand Up Paddle Board
· Water bottle holder
· Board tie downs
· Life jacket
· BOGA Paddle

Where can I store my things during class?
The best place to store your belongings is in your car at the launch point.  There are elastic tie downs on your board so you can bring along a towel, dry shirt, ect. Each board is also equipped with a water bottle holder so you can bring water along for your practice.

How long is a class?
Regular SUP YOGA classes are on the water for around 1.25 hours and include brief SUP tips and warm up paddle to the location of the class.