Nosara, Costa Rica
Inspire LOVE & authenticity on retreat with Dakota & Bridget Shae in this week of replenishing and lifting your spirit, awakening your truth, and stepping into your most authentic self.
February, 10 – 17th 2018

iLa Retreat: Cangrejo y Toro

Majauha, Mexico
Find the silent space between your thoughts where access to your true power exists. Watch the sunset, listen to the ocean, connect with nature, be still; observe the intelligence within yourself and everything around you. Step in to five days of pure retreat to make space for harmony, joy, and love in your life. Each day we will move into the field of potentiality through the practice of yoga, mindfulness, nutritious meals, and stillness at stunning, Cangrejo y Toro.
November 13-17th, 2017