Enhance your practice and the practice of your fellow yogis

Yoga is about healthy living, big loving, and lots of fun. Keep that in the front of your mind as you check out these easy ways to enhance and hold the space for your practice and the practice of your fellow yogis.

iLa encourages a mindful environment enabling an exceptional yoga experience in every way. Know that this is a safe place for you to practice your yoga, so please contribute to the experience of everyone else around you, go at your own pace, be gentle and respectful towards your body, never move to the point of pain, and have fun! Here are a few reminders to facilitate that mindfulness:


Please arrive before class begins. This will give you time to meet your mat, take a deep breath, and check in with yourself before we get our yoga on, plus it holds the space for others to do the same.

Shoes & socks off! …before entering the studio and place them at the front door. This helps us keep our floors clean, and allows you to meet your mat feeling grounded and centered.

Please keep the level of your beautiful voice low while you are in the studio. Although we know you love to catch up with your peeps, when you are in the studio please be mindful of everyone around you.

In order to get the most out of your practice, please keep these tips in mind to avoid having to leave your mat during class:

  1. Get any props you may need during your practice
  2. Use the restroom before class begins
  3. Fill your water bottle (especially for hot yoga)
  4. Silence your phone and keep it in the cubby, please do not bring your phone in during practice.

If you plan on attending hot yoga, please come to class hydrated, trust us you will feel much better ☺. Please bring or rent a towel to soak up all that sweaty goodness, and bring water into class with you… drink up!

In order for us to better teach you, please let us know relevant medical conditions or limitations you are experiencing prior to class. We may suggest a private session so that we can go into detailed modifications that you should make as you practice.

We want you to have the best experience possible, help yourself by coming prepared. Please wear clothes that are comfortable for you to move in, bring your yoga mat, (and a towel if you are coming to a heated class) and don’t forget your water! We offer a mat and towel rental service if you forget your stuff; we also have a full line of Manduka mats & props for sale in our boutique. Water and light snacks are available for purchase at the font desk if you need a quick pick me up.

Hydrate and fuel up! Before or after class, take advantage of our small snack bar and fridge, offering a variety of whole food bars, and cold beverages including, ZICO Coconut water, SMART Water, sparkling waters, and Temple Turmeric Juices. Or, bring a water bottle to fill up at our filtered water station.