Yoga is different for every BODY; it enhances every aspect life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga is accessible to everybody and everybody, every age, and every lifestyle. We don't put yoga in a box and expect you to conform to it, what we do here at iLa, is take yoga and make it yours. This is why we offer many styles of yoga with amazing instructors with different backgrounds. This is what we do…

iLa Classes

Inspired by the self-reflection within Interdisciplinary Yoga, this class supports your exploration and fundamentals of what is common to all yoga styles, while enabling you to discover your unique expression and style of yoga. Designed for everybody and every body. Come into the inquiry of who you are through basic poses and pranayama, and begin to uncover your own creative expression of movement and breath.

Designed as a slower paced vinyasa, this class focuses on flexibility, joint mobility and pranayama. These elements help open tight areas that can and will improve range of motion, and develop mental focus and concentration. Move your body through poses that incorporate all planes of motion, and learn how to relax tight muscles and tense minds through your breath.

Built on the foundation of the iLa Vinyasa where rhythm and gravity meet, this class builds strength and flexibility through breath- synchronized movement, sun salutations, balancing, and pranayama. Intended for all levels of students with a basic understanding of yoga. This flow will help you discover new levels of depth in your own yoga practice.

Practiced at around 90 degrees, the gentle heat of this rhythmic vinyasa facilitates the elongation of muscles, invigorates the nervous system, and strengthens the digestive system. Intended for all levels ready to move, this class includes sun salutations, balancing, and strength building poses.

*Please come hydrated and bring water.
** iLa offers clean infra-red heating in all its heated and hot classes. Infra-red heating, similar to the heat from the sun, provides a penetrating heat, nourishing your body throughout your practice.

Infused with jungle-like heat and humidity this class takes place in the tropical temperature of around 105 degrees to help keep muscles supple, prevent injury, and detoxify your body. Intended for students comfortable in their practice, this sequence focuses on restoring physical alignment, maintaining range of motion, and stimulating the vital organs and systems of the body. A yoga towel is recommended, come prepared to sweat!

*Please come hydrated and bring water.
** iLa offers clean infra-red heating in all its heated and hot classes. Infra-red heating, similar to the heat from the sun, provides a penetrating heat, nourishing your body throughout your practice.

Designed for yogis very comfortable in their practice, power is composed of arm balances, inversions, and intense flow, this class will empower you to develop your practice. Taught with minimal verbal cues, these sequences will give you the confidence and awareness to meet yourself on the mat physically, mentally, and energetically. Occasionally advance poses are broken down to deepen your understanding of these poses.

A mindful counterbalance to the vibrant action of daily life, this class focuses on easing mind, heart, and body into a more open, present, and relaxed space. With the support of props including blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps, experience a creative combination of active and passive Restorative poses and Yin stretching.

Slow down, unwind, breathe, and stretch. In this slow moving, Yin Yoga styled class; poses are held for 3-5 minutes each and focus on lengthening muscles and calming the mind. Whether you are a novice or an advanced yoga practitioner, this class enables a deeper expression of your practice through released tension of the body and mind.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga is a playful, dynamic class that brings yoga to the water with your board as your mat. The water enhances your yoga practice, challenging core-strength and balance in a peaceful setting to explore familiar postures in an inspiring, new approach. Students must be able to swim, be comfortable in the cold river water, and should have basic balance ability. Classes are 1.5 hours. All equipment as well as BOGA YOGA Paddleboards are provided. b.

SUP Yoga by appointment only, weather permitting.

Supported by intentional, conscious, hands-on assists from the teacher and assistants, poses are held in this deliberate flow slightly longer than a typical vinyasa, enabling students enough time to explore each posture. Effective assisting produces a sense of security, self-confidence, and the ability to dive deeper into asanas.

*This class requests a basic level of comfort with hands-on contact.

Sādhanā is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal, practiced with observation and reflection. Vinyasa Sadhana will include vinyasa and meditation. This class will be 50 minutes of gentle flow designed to guide students inward, culminating in a 20 minute guided meditation. All levels welcome.

This is a *Hot* (105-110 degrees) class. Through simple, stress free and core-centered practices, this class will take time to activate your abdominal strength. Combined with familiar yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath practices), learn to engage, isolate, integrate and relax your core muscles. Establishing this groundwork will sustain and compliment your yoga practice on and off the mat. Do not mistake simple for easy! Come for a fun challenge, leave with a happy core.

This class incorporates the intentional structure of balance. With active movement oriented poses, YANG, to stir up energy, then slower relaxing stretches, YIN, to take time to feel and enjoy the energy that has been created. Great for beginners to begin the inquiry into energy and movement as well as more experienced yogis who are looking to awaken their practice with Yang/Yin poses.